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The miniPelleter 18 is a semi-industrial pellet mill designed for efficient production of high quality biomass pellets, animal feeds and other raw materials or mixtures of materials.

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Works the way you want

If all you need to expand is the versatile and robust pellet mill….

miniPelleter 18 is a perfect start. You unpack it, connect to a power source and produce. You will make friends the moment you start work.   

It is also the most technologically advanced and simply operated pellet mill, with uncomplicated maintenance and service. 

Have a thorough look. See a compact and clever design?

  • A huge galvanized tank finished with a reinforced flat bar. Raw material speed dosing control.
  • Bulky clamps for fast disassembly of the body.
  • Strong and comfortable handles.
  • Big and tight inspection door on the galvanized two-part body. 

Power supply cabinet on the left. Legible and big control buttons and load read-out. A handy storeroom on the right.

Can you imagine it? Everything is in the right place.

Logically. Intuitively. And properly.

The miniPelleter 18 is on a rigid frame with reinforcement plates for a solid gear and a driving engine 20HP.

The pellet mill’s heart is a pelleting unit. The mP has e heavy duty, fitted and complete body working as a singular, compact unit.

The rollers holder is made of one piece of steel, with no welds or screwed connections. The rotating shaft stands out with size and construction. It is unique and absolutely indestructible, the foundation for each pellet mill. 

The miniPelleter can be easily used for operating with other pelleting line appliances, i.e. with a screw feeder, a conditioner, cooler, etc.

The complete mP weighs 585 kg. It is professional tool designed for pelleting even the most difficult feedstocks.  

We made the miniPelleter to meet your expectations. And we did our best. We used solutions from industrial pellet mills and a few innovations created only for the requirements of the mP 18.  

However, if you find the operation of the mP unsatisfactory, you can return it. We will refund the full sum of money minus the costs of packaging, a die and rollers: about 14% of the mP value (terms and conditions apply).   

But we believe that you will be very satisfied. 

Note: On YouTube, we have several films worth watching. 


Softwood: 400-500 lbs/h
Hardwood: 290-350 lbs/h
Straw, hay: 310-360 lbs/h
Poultry feed: 800-900 lbs/h
Pig feed: 500-700 lbs/h
Cattle feed: 300-400 lbs/h
Fish feed: 700-900 lbs/h
All approximate values


Power: 20HP
Weight: 585 kg

Industrial geared motor


  • Spare parts readily & quickly available from your local Supplier,
  • fast Return On Investment,
  • very easy to use,
  • low maintenance costs,
  • full equipment at basic price,
  • easy integration with existing pelleting lines,
  • Long Life Heavy Duty design,
  • easy to expand with other machines from the miniX line.

Basic features of miniPelleter 18

  • Professional semi-industrial versatile pellet mill
  • Ready to be used when connected to power
  • Basic price includes complete equipment
  • For biomass pellets and granulated feeds
  • A full scope for manufacturing feeds,
  • Very competitive price
  • Maximum hole working length up to ~180mm
  • Low costs of maintenance and operation
  • Low cost of spare parts (die, rolls)
  • Extremely simple operation
  • Wye-delta or soft start
  • Universal in use

FAQ on miniPelleter 18

What makes the miniPelleter different from other pellet mills of that type?

  • The reinforced construction with reference to small pelleting machines available on the market.
  • The quality of workmanship guaranteed by the manufacturer of the state-of-the-art high-power pellet mills.
  • Technical details resulting from our more than 30-year experience, which ensures many years of the effective, reliable operation.
  • Immediate service and availability of spare parts and consumables.

For whom is it intended?

miniPelleter has been designed for manufacturers of feeds and biomass pellets who do not require large pellet mills. There are many raw materials able to be pelletized on mP.

Where can the miniPelleter be applied?

Small sawmills, carpenter's shops, orchards, farms, litter manufacturers, producers of mineral fertilizers, feed manufacturers for pet animals, large and small, feeds for fish. It is difficult to list all application possibilities of the miniPelleter.

Can the mP be combined in an existing line?

Yes. It is possible to install the miniPelleter both in an existing processing line and a new one. Nawrocki Pelleting Tech designs the installations based on miniPelleters.

Is it possible to combine 2 miniPelleters in order to obtain higher capacity?

Yes. In this case we suggest modules from miniPelletingLine: M.07 Buffering Container Module for 2 miniPelleters + some other Modules, which will make the production more efficient.

What are the requirements for biomass?

Biomass has to be ground to achieve a particle size 1-5mm. The recommended moisture content is 14% to 16% and should not exceed 20%.

Is miniPelleter able to pelletize fertilizers,
rat poisons, etc.?

Yes, these kinds of raw materials have been successfully pelletized on miniPelleter. Along with many other materials, which have already been tested.

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view detail photo view detail photo view detail photo view detail photo view detail photo view detail photo view detail photo view detail photo view detail photo view detail photo view detail photo view detail photo view detail photo view detail photo view detail photo view detail photo view detail photo